Prospective students of Imo State University gathered in their numbers at the IMSU micro finance bank around 8.30am on Monday. They were students who could not make it through the screening exercise that held in the school some few weeks earlier.

Upon inquiry, Blue Parrot gathered that the multitude of students, were students whose names didn’t make the cut-off mark in the merit list released by the school some weeks back after the screening exercise and had to purchase the school’s supplementary form at the cost of N13,000 (10,000 for the form,3,000 for invoice, pin and processing).

The courses available were limited as they were mostly in the Education Faculty. However, most students didn’t complain because they were filled with zeal to go to school. Some were of the opinion that their names were on the second list which the school is yet to publish because they intend to make money from students who were eager to purchase the supplementary form.

According to a source present,“Purchasing the form didn’t come easy. In fact, two girls fainted while I was upstairs looking down on the whole ordeal. I was made to understand that the exercise commenced since last week, and many others had fainted. It was almost like a stampede that you see in riots”.

There were another set of students that were gathered there. These set of students have been admitted on the merit list and were there to collect their admission status letters with directive from the school authority, after paying about  N 2000  to do so yetthey weren’t attended to till about 2pm.

He further said,“It was a horrible experience. IMSU is a school without protocol and due process. Well, so is Nigeria. I am not surprised. It is a very pitiable state; the plight of the educational system in Nigeria.”

Source: Somadina Oriyomi Yahaya


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