The University of Nigeria, Nsukka student union government organized a hang out to welcome and indoctrinate freshers into the fold. The event which held at Ekpo reff on the 4th of November, 2016 saw the likes of; the SUG president, Mc Baron, Mc Blaze and a host of upcoming and mind blowing talents.

The SUG president spoke at length to the hall packed crowd. Advising the freshers and making some of his objectives known.
Hear him, ‘it is necessary for us to understand time and season.’ Adding that the newly admitted students should be able to map out their schedule and distinguish party time from lecture time.

He further added that the major aim of the event was to bridge the gap of communication between the SUG and the students. Stating that the function of the SUG was to maintain a cordial relationship with the authorities, lecturers and students.
The event was packed to the fullest with rib cracking jokes from both Mcs and good music from professional and upcoming artiste.

Using the words of a fresher, ‘there was no dull moment.’

Source: Samson and Helen (100 level Mass communication)


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