What Really is Fashion?By Kahlan-Queen.

It has become very popular response for every tom, dick and harry you meet to say they want to look fashionable and hot. (Almost) every fine girl you see on Facebook has a #slaybae or #slayer attached to her name. The guys are not left out of the fashion frenzy as they too want to look trim, fine and stuff. But it would shock you as it did me to realize that just a selected few really know what fashion is.

For the purpose of this article, I went out yesterday on a long walk to meet and talk to random people. And my question for them was quite simple; ‘what is fashion to you?’

Some said fashion is putting on trending clothes; some said it is being covered with designers.

To quote a lady whose response struck me; ‘fashion to me is buying the most expensive things and making sure I am the first to buy/use them and the moment I see a similar style on another person’s body, I throw mine away.’

Some said fashion is how you blend colors. A fine brother I met told me that fashion to him is how he shows off his swagger in anything he wears.

Now these are the opinions of just a selected few and I am quite sure that more people have more very different opinions.

However, shall we discuss this together?

Let’s start with pointing out what fashion  isn’t, yes?

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear or about the concept you wear or how you wear it.

Fashion is not about going nude or wearing overalls for that matter.

Fashion isn’t about buying designer made outfits and it is definitely more than dresses and shoes and accessories.

Fashion is the whole package. Fashion comprises of how you carry yourself, how comfortable you are in your own skin and most importantly how you are able to manage your income and purchase quality stuffs that fit. Fashion is about being okay with your body and mind and taking absolute care of every part of you. This is basically what fashion is.There is something called ‘the right attitude’ to fashion.

You mustn’t spend all your earnings on fancy heals or Brazilian hair and gold chains just to look ‘fashionable'(or be regarded as acceptable). Without the right attitude, you would still suck in all that fancy drab.

You can however, slay totally in that cheap pumps, bend down select chinos and favorite jacket  you have. It is all about carriage, attitude.

Fashion is a head game, not a body game. You need to ‘feel’ right about your body and outfit in order to ‘look’ right.

We cannot possibly over emphasize this fact. It should start in your head. The head!

When you put on a dress, an outfit and stare at the mirror, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Do you think “gosh,I look so fat and shapeless” or “wow, people are going to keep staring till their eyes pop out”.

That’s the sort of attitude I mean. If you cannot appreciate yourself, be sure that no one will give you a nod.

I remember sitting in a bus one day in Lagos with a beautiful girl beside me. She was putting on a very beautiful plaid skirt which fit perfectly, but she couldn’t keep her hands off it and kept squeezing and touching until her fingers became sore.

I noticed her discomfiture, her sweaty palms and bros and bottom lip which was almost bruised from her many bites.

I asked her what was wrong and shyly, she replied that she felt her dress was inappropriate for the interview she was going for. She said she didn’t like that her legs were visible. It took me quite a while to convince her that her head was the problem, not her body or clothes. But I did.

So, when next you are going through your wardrobe or accessory box or meeting with your stylist, always remember I told you this; The outfit doesn’t make the person, the person makes the outfit. Plus, you need to feel right to look right.

And this my friend is Fashion.

Enjoy several varieties after cut…



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