On Friday, the 25th of November 2016, the much anticipated event tagged “UNN got Talent” was staged at the Ekpo ref hall. The show was put together by ambitious and determined students of the university who were undoubtedly motivated by their hunger to make a difference. The show which was a gated one, sold for N500, regular, N5000 a table for 4, and N1,500, VIP .

The event was scheduled for 7pm.  Annoying, but not surprising to those of us who are already familiar with the much-celebrated “African time”, it started hours later with several acts shuffling through (all contesting for the prize money which was N60,000) from those who had talent and those who needed to be whipped for abusing the glorious name called talent. It also had some performing artistes like Skinny D, Flawlex, Kel whizzy, Mr brado, Rap dibia. Even though the popular Mayokun didn’t turn up, these upcoming ones managed to keep the event which was running till midnight, lively. Emerging the winner was contestant number two who were dancers. The duo were able to offer us something unique and refreshing.

One of the problems with the so-called talent shows that have pervaded Nigeria today is the overt attention given to music and other forms of popular entertainment at the expense of some really amazing talents. Most often than not, when you hear of a talent show in Nigeria, there are two things that is usually displayed; Music and Dance. It is disappointing that the “UNN got Talent” show followed in this trend. One would expect a show organized by university undergraduates to be at least, a little peculiar and different from the norm

What has happened to fine artists and eloquent speakers? Drummers, Poets and performers with something different from the never changing narrative.  Are these not fit to be called talents too?

To sum it all up on a hopeful note, the ‘UNN got Talent’ show undoubtedly has the potential to become a fantastic event that would prove that the Nigerian student can be creative beyond the four walls of classrooms and much more beyond the cramming of many textbooks. It is a kind of event that should be encouraged and improved, as well as replicated in other tertiary institutions.

Enjoy pictures after cut…


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