On the 28th of January, 2017, the Royal Family of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, inaugurated the new Lords and Ladies into the family and officially handed over power to a new administration/executives. This has been their tradition for several years; to take it upon themselves to train, organize pageantries and crown the best of all departments, faculties and organizations within the school.

The event which was held at Grace Manor and scheduled for 6pm, kicked off  hours later owing to the ‘African time’ mentality and lack of proper organization on the part of the organizers.

It started with the red carpet which was anchored by Anita and Melvin followed by an opening remark by the administrator,  Ndukwe Chinedu Godwin  AKA Ckycloud. Gracing the event was Menakachukwu Nonso, President of AFA (Association of Fine and Applied Arts), Ella (Miss Rotract 2015).

Taking home awards which was presented by the President of AFA and Enugwu Royal Queen were Comrade Ejike who won Knight of Politics and Peace, Lady Pascaline who won Lady of Glamour, Lord Onichi who won Royal superstar of the year, Lord Extra who won artiste of the year, Lady Ambassador Genevieve who won female model of the year amongst others.

There were exceptional performances from new and upcoming artists like Cweed, Extra, Kel Whizy, Inductee and catwalks which energized the crowd and launched the induction/ handover ceremony.

The event which came to an end at 3am was followed by a pool party.

‘it was tiring yet exciting all at once’, said a participant.

Enjoy pictures after cut…


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