The Day it rained Purple|A personal account of FUTMINNA’S Convocation Ceremony by N.Sule

The Day it rained Purple

Before then, lets establish that the almost entirety of Muslims in Federal University of Technology, Minna turned up for the Friday prayers on the 27th of January, 2017. Let’s just go ahead and acknowledge how God fearing we are in Nigeria and how that had nothing to do with the Emir of Kano’s presence or his commissioning the new mosque in the school. It’s fine; it wasn’t because of His Royal Highness and Former CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido. We just love to pray in huge numbers specifically on Fridays that are 27th of January.

Okay, so exhibitions.

Time stood still, yes. Time said to us, “go on and store this memory in your minds and keep living it”, and boy did we answer? Mechanical engineering presented its solar car. Let’s not discuss fashion or color, lets just focus on the main point here; a solar car in FUTMinna. While we would go ahead and tell you that it can do wonders, please don’t ask any further questions about this car. Thank you.

Also noticed, the school of sciences presented a vaccine for cholera. Nope, we didn’t want to try it because well, we didn’t just want to try it. Good job though! God job.

All other exhibitions were there. So, we can acknowledge the good thoughts and effort put into wasting everybody’s time and energy on the Monday and Tuesday that led to the 1st of February, this 2017 of ours.

However, lest we forget to mention, the smart, new females hostel was launched… Supposed to house some almost thousand lucky students who are willing to throw some hundred thousands into the hands of the school management. Hostel is complete with its electronic doors, showers, air conditioning systems, televisions. Students wont fail of course,  they’ll just sleep comfortably through school. We celebrate FUTMinna for being so thoughtful and considerate about the welfare of its female students. The males can go ahead and well, be bothered about themselves. Hurray for gender! And equality!

So, the day it rained purple. You know how they say purple is a royal color? Well, FUTMinna makes you doubt that. It’s more a color that marks the end of slavery. Kidding!

On the 1st of February, a sunny Wednesday, the network was cut off and a security chopper kept flying around; confused by the sun and pretending to provide protection.

Yes, the students who were finally out of the five year training were all smiles and dapper in their purple selves. The dignitaries and guests all showed up in their turbans or suits or lace. Awards flew in the air and speeches bored us to almost death.

Professor Akinlowan Ladipo, Alh. Yahya Abubakar (Etsu Nupe) and the cute, single, Emir of Gombe, Alh. Abubbakar Shehu were given honorary Doctorate Degrees for their contribution to Educational Development. We want to go ahead and wonder why the young Emir is single but well, who knows if he is fishing and who knows who might be hooked.

The day was so much about the awards as it was about the every day average Nigerian student. We understand the rigors of a Nigerian school and we appreciate and commend those who pulled through. We also encourage those who bagged extra year(s) to focus on not seeing themselves as failures. We’ll all wear ’em purple robes and eat rice with friends and families someday.

Talking about rice, did we mention these graduation people did not do much rice-giving? It was a case of drinks and more drinks and pictures and more drinks.

Signing out, we say, may our education move us and Nigeria forward. Congratulations once more to FUTMinna on its 26th convocation ceremony.



The HOD of the mechanical department with the solar car.


Photo credit; and N.Sule


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