FUTO increases fees, students respond with protest

The peaceful protest staged by the students of FUTO yesterday, 17th February 2017, and headed by the former SUG PRO, Ogbonna ‘Rochas’ turned out to be a messy case when the DSS came into the picture, arresting ‘Rochas’ and taking him away. During the process of this arrest, three students were also injured by the security officials.

The protest had been staged over the exponential increase in the registration fees by the school, with a stipulated surcharge of 10,000 for late registration. The deadline for registration was 17th of February, 2017, the same day the protest held.

It all turned messy after ‘Rochas’ was taken away, and the VC who the students expected to come out and address them, seen driving away in his car.

The sight of him driving off was what seemed to further enrage the protesting students because they immediately stormed the SUG building, destroying windows and breaking things, and generally causing violence on the buildings.

Although there was no arson, the damage done was great as some students took advantage of the turn of events to steal invaluable  apparatuses from the ICT. Laptops, computer systems, UPSs and stabilizers were stolen. The massive looting went on until the Police intervened, causing some students to run off. Some were, however, caught.

Structures damaged during the violence include the SUG building, the SEET building, the library, the ICT, the school clinic, Diamond bank and a number of school buses.

Following the intervention of the Police, the school was closed down indefinitely and students were required to vacate the school premises before 4pm the same day. This resulted in a massive rush to the parks.

While all seems to be calm at the moment, there is an underlying fear that another protest might be imminent, this time, for the release of the detained former SUG PRO.

Speaking with students, a student told Blue Parrot;

“I am really happy to see this happen, if I may say. The school management has pushed us so far to the wall and now we are bouncing back. It’s a good thing this happened. The school management sees us as zombies who are too silent to decry their right. At least, we have shown them that we aren’t fools.”

Source: Anyaoha Titus



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