Strapping the straps by Kahlan Queen.

Today, we are going to be talking about a common mistake in the world of fashion. Too common that it is (almost) not seen as one. But before I proceed, let me share a personal story with you guys.

Lara is the name of my childhood bestie who got married last week.

Considering the fact that she came from a wealthy background, the wedding was like something out of a fairy tale. It was a show of money, wealth and power.

Being her close friend, I was Lara’s Chief bridesmaid and guess what, I was jealous.

Well, it was a healthy kind of jealous .but really why wouldn’t I be? I am quite certain that every single girl that was present at that wedding was choking with jealousy.

But then again ,why wouldn’t they?

Lara’s husband, Ben, is a god of a man. God fearing,  wealthy, a business tycoon and handsome in no small measure. He was like something an artist-a perfect artist would draw.

Now Lara my friend was having the wedding of her dreams with the man of ‘every girl’s’ dream and with lots of money and power to make a small nation, our jealousy could be said to have been justified.

Enough with the cock and bull. What’s the whole point of this gist?

Lara my friend wasn’t having any fun. She was twitchy and antsy through out the wedding and when two days later,the pictures came in, Lara ordered that everything be burnt.


Her bra straps were visible in all the pictures!

Pretty mundane reason for burning your wedding pictures right?

But really it isn’t.

Lara is a perfectionist and she couldn’t bear the thought that everyone could see her bra straps sticking out of the white silky sweet sleeved gown she wore (which was exquisite by the way).

If we can all be frank, it’s a little bit of an eye sore to have your bra strap sticking from all angles in the dress or whatever top it is you are wearing.

I know some people think its fashionable or trendy but No! It’s actually bad.

Like really bad.

Look at all those celebrities you adore. You won’t catch Tiwa savage or Beyonce dead with her bra straps sticking out of a gown or top.

Its fine if you don’t want to wear a bra,but please do not wear a singlet or sleeveless top with your bra peeping at us from every corner…it will distract us from looking at your face.

It is a fashion ‘hell no’.

Okay…so I know most times we can’t help this…I mean, a girl’s got to wear her bra right?

Great I have a remedy..

It’s something called paper clips.

It,s a type of fancy and small clip which you can use to hold your bra straps together and clip it into a ‘V’ so that it doesn’t show. Its fashionable and small and totally convenient.


Next time you go shopping please don’t forget to add that to your list.

We would always want to see you rock them tops and gowns and show some skin…..

Thank me later.






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