The Federal university of Port Harcourt wears a new look| by Deborah Oluniran

As a result of the unfortunate case of the peaceful protest turned riot on the 11th of April, 2016, the day the second semester examinations were supposed to commence, several damages were wreaked on the beautiful standard outlook of the school, after which students were required to pay a compulsory surcharge fee of 5000 naira and an undertaking note, signed by guardians and parents and the students, promising not to carry out such hooliganism anymore.

The 2017/2018 academic session which was supposed to begin on 9th January, 2017 had to be postponed to the 29th of January 2017 because of the on going renovations and reconstructions going on in the school, inadvertently making the students two weeks behind schedule. However, after the students returned on the 29th, the buildings and classrooms were still not completed. Here’s what some of the students think:


Ibegbunam Chioma Blessing, a 400 level student in English studies believes the on going renovations in the University of Port Harcourt are a good improvement.

“Newly admitted students can now comfortably enjoy their hostel space with no stress of looking for better off campus alternatives. Good, clean and new toilets with little risk of infection, properly covered windows against mosquitoes, steady electricity and good security.

It’s the best thing ever. I only wish this action had been done earlier. I suffered lack of what is available in hostels now.

However, this shouldn’t just end with renovation but top notch maintenance.”


Mildred, a year 2 student from Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling opines that the renovation is a welcomed development.

“It makes the school look up to the standard it has been placed by the society. As a student, I love it because it makes learning easier and more comfortable which the start of educational success is


Enekano Victoria, a 400 level student of pharmacy thinks the renovations are good but it has rendered some students homeless.

“It’s good, but the renovations are making some students homeless. The medical students have to stay in Dan ETETE hostel while the medical hostel is being renovated. However, this is hindering the girls allocated to Dan Etete hostel from moving in.”


Sarah Wachukwu a second year student in the department of Sociology thinks the renovations are affecting her lectures

“Because PS hall is still under construction, students like those in my class who are about 300 have no available hall to use save for CBN and ETF halls which are also being dragged by other departments. So now, it’s whoever gets there first that gets to use it. The rest of us roam about the school compound, searching for empty classes until the time allocated for our lectures run out.

And the hall in our faculty is small. It can’t even contain half of us. I’ve been missing classes and oh, we’re far behind because we didn’t resume on time. Last week, I only attended two classes; Wednesday and Friday because, no lecture halls.”


Lecture halls opposite PS hall still under construction



Nelson Mandela boys hostel ‘renewed’ and ready to be used.


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