A look at OAU from the lenses of Victor Adewale

Victor Adewale is a documentary photographer. His passions are Music, Poetry, Art and Photography, which is what we are exploring today as he takes us around the beauty of OAU.

Asking him why he loves photography, he replies thus; ‘There is a kind of spiritual connection between me and the images I capture. They remind me of many things, like conversations, wonderful moments shared with people who become family within space of seconds.’


Faculty of Law building. This is one of the amazing structures in OAU. This building was built in such a way that it looks like it is about to collapse. It is still very strong.


Beautiful wall painting near the Library. This painting was done by a graduate of Fine and applied Arts from OAU.


New Buka. For alcohol and other things. This is the only place where drinking and smoking is legalized in Campus. You could find your lecturer sitting at the opposite table.


Faculty of administration, side view. Also one of the structures that seem like they are about to fall. Very solid as well.


Entrance of Awolowo Hall, one of the most notorious halls of residence in the school. This is a no go area for ladies especially during the day.  They are also famous for their unique form of jesting known as ‘Aro’.


Natural scenery. This is why OAU is renowned for having one of the largest colony of bats in Africa. The abundance of trees and preservation of the natural environment.


Faculty of Education. Another amazing structure on OAU campus. It is the biggest building in OAU (length wise)


Entrance to the largest lecture theater in OAU campus. It is often called Amphitheater.


Spider building. Faculty of technology. The building is named spider because of its architectural structure. Its is old, yet solid. It is home to Civil engineering, material science and mechanical engineering students of the school.


Perspective of Senate building. Just like most schools, This is the university senate building and it is currently the tallest building of campus.


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