Matters Arising: UNIBEN Female Hostel suffers gross lack of security.

In the last few days, there have been reports of theft and sighting of boys at night in the female hostel, Tinubu Hall, commonly known as Hall 2. The 20th of February, 2017 is only the most recent.

An eye-witness and resident of the hostel had a lot to tell Blue Parrot.

“I woke up this early morning to ease myself. Due to the security issue in the hostel, it’s not even safe to go to the series’ toilet, so I carried my container.

Next thing I saw was an able-bodied dude running to the fence. I have never seen anyone climb a barb-wired fence with such ease.

I shouted because I was in 300 series and couldn’t possibly fly downstairs. Girls came running out with sticks. But the guy landed over the fence and didn’t move. We called out to the guys passing to come to our aid, but it seems Uniben guys are only good at arrowing, and chasing girls!

The shocking thing was that Hall 3 guys came out, looking at us, pointing torchlights.”

It was reported that after 30 minutes of the girls’ cry-out, members of the Uniben security arrived with torchlights and sticks.

Their cries attracted the President of the Students Union Government, Hon. Obapkolor Lauretta from Hall 1. It was said that her presence only served to arouse the girls into a protest as she didn’t seem to be in control of the situation. They made their way – their voices ahead – to the school’s main gate.

“During xmas and new year break, nobody heard that girls were raped in the hostel! The porters did nothing about it! Who is going to come to our aid when 300, 400, 500 and 600 level students leave the hostel after their exams and 100 and 200 level students are all alone? Maybe by then they will bring the full gang.

I never thought this kind of stuff will happen… I moved into the school hostel because I was robbed barely a week after I moved to my  off-campus apartment! I thought it was safe here but now you will get stabbed and porter will tell you that the wound was caused by something else. Isn’t it better to stay at Ekosodin, BDPA or wherever and prepare for the worst than to stay in the hostel and get raped, beaten, stabbed or whatever?” She added.

Another witness told Blue Parrot that the thief – popular among the residents as ‘Clementus’ – took hostage of the rooms he visited armed with a pressing iron he plugged as he entered. A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, ten thousand naira and a bag containing thirty thousand naira was allegedly carted away with by the robber but the Dean of Students, Prof. Benson O. Osadolor, upon his arrival at the hall of residence issued cheques of undisclosed amount to the victims to cushion their losses.

It was alleged that last week Friday, thieves entered the hostel in the morning and night. Reports from students who experienced the incidences were swept aside by the hostel porters as false alarms.

She had this to say to the management of the citadel of learning:

“We just don’t want to hear that ‘measures are being taken’. We want immediate actions! And if nothing is done, you guys should be prepared for ‘hostel justice’!”


Hall 2 fence from within.



 A block in Hall 2


The great wall of Hall 2


Notice for ‘hostel justice’

Source: Correspondent J.G. Ogochukwu


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