Butt lifts and shapers|by Kahlan-Queen

With a huge frown in her face, Daniella whispered to me as we walked the short walk from the school gate to the keke joint that, “this babe in our front is wearing bombom.

At first my eyes poped out of my head in shock,wondering just how my friend could spot something like that in jeans! And then I thought, ‘yeah she is wearing it and so what?’

When I asked my friend that, she looked at me like I was the scum of the earth and walked right on, into the first Keke in line. I smiled and entered after her and we moved on to the next gist but my stubborn mind still stayed with that very one.

So today on fashion talk, I have come to hear from y’all and seek your opinion.

Let me go first.

First off, butt lifts are part of your regular clothing. Just like stockings, head tie, gloves and what have you.

I don’t think it is a crime or a thing to be ashamed of  for a lady to wear!

Okay, gimme a sec to explain and don’t bite my head off!


Every lady has a unique body shape, we aren’t all the same. And for the sake of confidence, it is only right for us all to seek what suits us and wear what fits to a T. If a lady feels she doesn’t look good enough without a butt lift, its not in anyone’s place to tell her not to wear it.

These butt lifts are made for this purpose! To shape the butt! Give a girl that curvy,8 shape that every girl desires and every guy admires and craves. So if sister Tola wears a butt lift I think it’s wrong to condemn her because it is her body and wearing butt lifts will probably give her the poise and confidence she wants and possibly need.

Condemning a girl who wears butt lifts is just like condemning a person who wears a face cap not because of the sun but because it matches his/her outfit.

I think we should be unbiased about this and seriously give it a serious thought.

If my butt is not well rounded and doesn’t look good in the hot dinner gown I want to wear, it is my business if I decide to twitch things up by wearing a butt lift, I don’t think it’s right that anyone calls  me ‘fake’ because of that.

Butt lift is  just a clothing. It doesn’t reduce my person or change my personality.



Now this is the point where I seek your opinion. My question is, what is your own view about butt lifts?

Do you tag people who use them  ‘fake’ ? Do you think it is shameful and sinful to use them? Or do you agree that everyone should rock their body in a way that gives them confidence?

Ladies,would you rock butt lifts if you had to?

And guys what would you think of a girl who uses butt lifts?…

….talk to Kahlan….


2 thoughts on “Butt lifts and shapers|by Kahlan-Queen

  1. Queen says:

    I don’t have a problem with people wearing them, I wear padded bras myself and I don’t see much difference between both.
    I have a problem though with
    Not wearing it well(most people who wear them in school here are guilty of this) – Imagine walking behind a lady and suddenly you can’t help but notice she has three bumbums or that her bumbum has shifted from the middle to the side. And poor you is left blushing, feeling all embarrassed on her behalf and trying to figure out how best to say,’ anty your bumbum have shift’ without embarrassing you both. I mean, what’s the use of wearing it if the purpose is not achieved?


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