Obi Emelonye screens Oxford Gardens at UNN.

On the 24th of February, 2017, Obi Emelonye screened his movie titled Oxford Gardens (scheduled to run for two days) at the Arts Theater, UNN . In attendance were Lecturers and Students from different departments. Including  the department of Theater and Films studies where Obi Emelonye is a graduate. His works include: Last Flight to Abuja (2012), The Mirror Boy (2011), Thy Will Be Done (2015) among others.

Anchoring the show (including the red carpet) were Emmanuel and Jennifer both students at the department of Theater and Films studies who did tremendously well in adding humor and creating an atmosphere of  liveliness.

The story embedded in the movie, Oxford Gardens is one of love, inspiration, redemption and family as it connects the life of a former boxing champion Julius Caesar (played by Ngo Okafor) and that of a cancer patient Munachi (played by Ngozi Thompson Igwebike). Munachi with death dawning on her, flees the hospital to complete her bucket list and from there, a new life is unleashed. She meets Julius and they fall in love with each helping the other to find peace in their separate past.

Several scenes had the audience “awwing” from emotions while some created humor and inspired.

Hearing from several audiences, Blue Parrot was able to get a handful of reviews amongst which are:

“It’s a very nice movie and also creates a good awareness of cancer. I just wish it was acted here in Nigeria”, Okpechi.

“I liked the movie, it was unpopular with the normal Nigerian tale, very unique with a good story line. Especially the part where the guy lost the match and the girl dies. That was very real and had no creation of fantasy”, Precious.

“A lovely movie although I find some scenes questioning. Especially some of the emotions being portrayed by the characters. I have some questions and I wish I could sit Obi Emelonye down, replay the movie and ask at each junction”, Mary-Ann.



2 thoughts on “Obi Emelonye screens Oxford Gardens at UNN.

  1. Precious says:

    It was remarkable, i personally watched this movie and i saw all the flaws and goodness if the movie and i can proudly say UNN is helping the movie industry by teaching and bringing this into their school… #thumbs up


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