Off Shoulders by Kahlan-Queen.

Okay,Okay, Okay….

The fashion and beauty station of Blue Parrot has just got to talk about this hot new and trending fashion style. It screams chic! Class! Slayness! Graaaaand! I’m talking about- wait for it –

The off shoulder tops and gowns!

This new trend is literally steaming hot and you don’t need to look far for it. Just look at the sister besides you. They are fashionable, they are simple, they are sophisticated, they are ‘celebrity style’ and most importantly, they are just plain beautiful!

These tops and gown are simple and really beautiful and they help exude confidence and show off your fine body qualities without being indecent. The tops or gowns are worn just a few inches below the shoulders and it reveals your shoulder blades and neck lines.

Let me tell you a personal story of my first experience with them.

I remember walking into an eatery one day with a male friend for  brunch and loosing him almost instantly to a sister that was just sitting jejely at a corner. The guy just dumped me there and walked with the sweetest of smiles to sit by this sister. I was mad as in red-steaming-hot-touch-me-and-you-are-dead mad. So I walked up to him.

“Sam, are you okay? What kind of embarrassment is this one?” He just gave me a passing gaze and said, “It’s not my fault you are always uptight with your dressing. At least once in a while, show some skin. Just take a look at this babe.”

You don’t need to be told that I didn’t forgive my friend Sam for an entire year but the gist is, he was right. And since that day, I don’t joke about wearing clothes that ‘show some skin.’

The off-shoulder outfit gives a very lovely projection of your shoulders, neck and collar bones. If you haven’t got yours already forgive me but you are really missing out. This beautiful off-shoulder tops could be rocked with just about anything; a trouser; jeans or plain or even Ankara or a skirt. They come in different prints and designs and could go for any occasion as long as they are worn well.

I took a survey in my school last week where I talked to a number of guys on their view of this off shoulder dresses. 65% said they absolutely  loved and admired it on a girl, 25% were indifferent, said it was just okay. 1O% said it was indecent.

So here goes ladies, majority does really carry the vote. If you are comfortable in it then you should wear it and wear it well. As far as I know, the only ‘hell no’ I have about wearing the off shoulder tops or dresses, is wearing it with a strapped bra or a singlet. If you want to rock this outfit right, consider using a strapless bra if you must and do not wear anything that will show straps. You could switch things up a little and play with your wardrobe while using this outfit. Play with a head tie or chokers e.t.c Trust me, if you do it right, you’d feel absolutely right in it. Here are some pictures you’d love.



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