The Big Bold and Beautiful Kahlan-Queen.

   Good evening fashion lovers. I am super excited today because I have answers to some questions y’all have been asking via my social media and emails.
(If you don’t know my email, it is feel free to forward your questions and comments there).

A lot of people keep asking me what kind of fashion is appropriate for the ‘big’ ones. And by ‘big’, I mean ‘fat’. Today, I have answers but I don’t want to tell you, I want to show you.

So today, this fashion sphere flew all the way to South Africa to get you the answers that you need and we met beautiful Miss Jenny who is a student; a classic woman who is big, beautiful and bold.
Now where y’all fat ladies at? Y’all who is ashamed of how big you are and  also so miserable to do anything about it that they drown themselves in eating and eating and getting fatter and fatter.

Watch and learn.
Enjoy this exclusive. Thank me later.

Me: Hy! Blue parrot is glad to have you. I am Kahlan.
And you are?

Jenny: I’m jenny

Me: Okay Jenny, kindly tell us about you briefly

Jenny: Well I’m a fun person really. More on the easy going calm type. I’m all about being positive. It shows in my personality. I’m all about no body shame and being comfortable being myself

Me: Yes…I can see that. I have to say I admire your carriage. Jenny can you let us into your wardrobe? What does it constitute of?

Jenny: Not much really😂 I’m a student I bargon with my budget but I dress in whatever makes me comfortable. I think big girls are not restricted to wear in a certain way or cover up more.Whatever suits my physique and if I feel it looks good then it is good to go.

Me: You are big.As in thick and beautifully so.
Do you ever feel or get offended when people describe you that way or talk about your size?

Jenny: Nope not at all I know people like making fun of big girls it is annoying but I’m used to it.

Me: Would you ever want to be thinner if you could?

Jenny: Healthier,yes but thinner, I don’t think so.

Me: Alright
What’s fashion to you? Personalize it.

Jenny: Fashion isn’t about the lasts trend but your own trend. What makes you you and honestly, if you feel comfortable then that is everything Fashion should be.

Me: What’s your say about wearing clothes that show skin? Especially for big girls like your self?

Jenny: There’s nothing wrong like I said…comfort is everything as long as it suits your body.

Me: What’s your best choice of outfit for a hot sunny day?

Jenny: Summer dress or shorts and a shirt.

Me: What do you think of girls who use butt lifts and pads.

Jenny: It’s sad really cause society portrayed the perfect women as being curvaceous and all and we spend so much time worrying about things that we forget that not all of us are the same. We have different features that make us all beautiful in our own way

Me: So you think there shouldn’t be labels? A woman should carry her body regardless of her butt size and bust line.

Jenny: Exactly

Me: What decides your outfit for you? The environment or your mood or an inspiration?

Jenny:My mood I must say….there’s not much inspiration cause its not all the time that you see a plus size model advertising nice clothes
Even in stores it’s quite hard finding clothes my size

Me: Yeah. You are right there. Every thing in the market just points to being thin and curvy and trim. Jenny…Please say a thing or two to those big or ‘fat’ girls out there who are with a complex,who would rather hide than show off what their mama gav’em

Jenny: Don’t let these skinny girls steal all our shine…flourish be confident. Embrace what you have. Don’t make life difficult worrying about what people say about you. People will always talk. So live your life how you want it, buy the clothes you want to wear. Do you boo.

Me: Thank you so much Jenny. Blue parrot is eternally grateful to you.

Jenny:The pleasure is all mine🙂

Did y’all hear that? Be proud of your body. Be comfortable in your skin. Be like Miss jenny.

-check out her pictures-
Believe me, she is a stunner.


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