EWA DAY IN AWOLOWO HALL| By Ogunyomi Israel Abidemi

It was  another “Ewa Day” in Awo hall on the 18th of March, 2017.

Awolowo Hall is the most “notorious” hall in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. The inhabitants of this hall are famous for their high level of intellectual, hilarious, humorous, and radical prowess. Almost everything in Awo is celebrated: courage, boldness, insolence, humor, oratory, intelligence…name it!

However out of all these, there are two essential things which are absolutely nonnegotiable for the “Awoites”. The first is “Aro Night” (the night of humor, jest, creativity, etc) and the second is “Ewa Day” (Beans day). At times both are done together   ( one in the day, the other in the night). Most times however, they are done in different days. All Awoites – both the alumni and the undergraduates – usually take active parts (financially and physically) in the organization of these two programs.

A series of complex experiences are wittingly compressed together in “Aro night”. Funny songs, promiscuous gist, salacious songs, abusive songs, mind-blowing riddles, dramas, keggites’ display, etc, are some of the things which are usually featured. A choir of comedians and clowns, which is referred to as the “Aro Group”, anchors these programs. This group does rigorous rehearsals prior to the “big night”. The members appear in different costumes, some like herbalists, some like Ifa priests, some like prophets, some like Alfas and so on.

This attracts a large number of students from all other hostels such as Moremi, Angola, Fajuyi, ETF, Akintola and Alumni to Awolowo hall. In fact, students who stay off campus are largely attracted. Apart from the “Aro Night”, the “Aro Group” is usually invited to perform in occasions organized by different associations on OAU campus. The group is also famous for making jest of anyone who falls as it’s victim at any point in time.

Ewa day, however, is always a yummy day for the Awoites. Traditionally, beans is known to be the Awoites’ food. You’ll rarely find a single room in Awo where beans is not cooked everyday. In other words, at least, a person must cook beans in every room per day in Awo!

This is how it works; cooks are usually employed to do the cooking of the “brown beans” after which every Awoites takes their containers there for their portions; some take pots, some plates and so on. Most times, at least, a bull is killed and fried to elevate the sumptuousness of the brown beans. The sharing of the bull, however, is usually coordinated by the hall executives. It is done according to the number of people in each room in order to avoid discrimination, marginalization, and partially.

Awolowo hall has produced many intellectuals who are doing very well in various human endeavours. Little wonder it is fondly referred to as the “Castle of Great Men”!

Great Awoites! Great Ife!


17361078_1081495258622993_982181176_n Ògúnyọmí Israel Abídèmí  is a graduate from the Department of Philosophy, Obafemi Awolowo University. He was a Production Manager for ANA-Osun (O.A.U. Branch) for a year and a Poetry Columnist/ Production Manager at The Critic, Department of Philosophy, O.A.U. (also for a year). He is a poet, an activist, a humanist, and a ‘womanist’. His works have been published in various creative websites such as: Pen-mind media & creativity. He won the NIBSTEARS’ Yoruba Poetry Competition in 2016. He is currently serving his fatherland in Minna, Niger State.

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