poetry by amu nnadi

becoming one

i hold your hand

you fold

into every line

of my palm



do not speak, beloved

i love listening to you when you are silent

when your eyes are more eloquent

and in their light i find the path to love

the way plants grow out of fertile soil

seeking life, seeking sun, seeking you

and slowly branches grow strong

leaves sprout, all different colours

mostly green like me

and out of your heart flowers perfume me

wearing all the tender petals of your smile

and so, beloved, do not speak

but share with me, fingers twined in mine

all the words that live in you like roots

all the conversations of your heartbeats

the pulse of earth and trembling of clouds

let the air of hope wipe our brow

and stoke the flute of longings

let the waters of love bathe us in open fields

and nourish the plant that grows

all turns and twists of the tempest in me

beloved, this way you are subtle

and elemental, all at once

it is what you say without words

which hold feet firmly rooted to your earth

my heart beats as wings of hummingbirds

or as ripples rising from the pond of our love

transparent as reef, filled with all its pleasures

and i too grow taciturn and talkative

as a book

holding all the secrets and stories of storms




i want to kiss your mouth

hungry and thirsty all at once

as though ice cream or yoghurt

delicious and mesmerising

to feel your warm tongue of fine wine

and all your sweetness flow down

insinuate every pore, every fibre, every vein

take over my heart of ravenous worship

i want to wear you as clothes in winter

lined with animal hunger and warmth

far removed from you as sadly i am

feel your arms of warm blood wrap me

hold me to your bosom, endowed with life

and fire and promise, warmed as noon

on the splendid, rock-hard torso of jos

i want to ride you as sturdy stallion

or ferrari, purring with power and elegance

let wind take us, bearing gifts, to the isle

where all dreams become human

become you and i, lost like this in love

princess and prince of primal pride

i want to inhale you as exotic fragrances

freed by fevers of fresh spring fields

blooming as cinnamon, feted by air

to feel you take over my bland life

over run me as flood

and conquer me, feral female, with desire

and with this hunger to be filled with you

until filled, i become you

and you become

every breath i take


17813824_726805774164568_1051029210_n    a  field of echoes is one out of the two latest offerings from acclaimed poet, amu nnadi. He won the 2014 Glenna Lushei prize for poetry with his book, through the window of a sandcastle. Other collections of his include a river’s journey, _pilgrim’s passage, the fire within. He writes from Nigeria


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