Style dress by Kahlan- Queen

Hello fashion lovers!

All the way from Abuja, from the sewing machine of our very own amazing designer comes this master piece; play-suit with a detachable waist cape.


This outfit is an entirely ‘all purpose’ outfit and can fit just fine for any occasion . The play-suit alone can be used when going for clubbing or an evening out or you just want to take that long leisurely walk in the park. If you need to be very decent, you can attach the cape, giving it a whole new look and befitting enough for your choice occasion.

You can go all out to make the outfit more exciting by combining it with blazers and jackets and (matching) jewelries of your choice. It goes with just about anything. The outfit is all kinds of exciting, plus it is affordable. Trust me,ladies you want to have this lovely design rocking your wardrobe. Kindly send us an email at to place an order to get this exciting piece… And yes, it will be delivered to your door step.


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