Facial hair and beards|by Kahlan-Queen

Hello gents! Today’s fashion issue is for you, where y’all at?  Let me first share a personal story.

I remember quite clearly one morning when I woke up to a loud bang on my door at exactly 5:3Oam. Now I do not joke with my morning sleep, ever, because this is when it is the sweetest. Spewing curses and threats, I grudgingly stood up to answer the door and sanding there was my bestie, Kris, the look on her face causing me to forget my anger. I quickly shifted for her to drag herself and her two piece suitcase in, locked the door and got back to bed because I knew it was not the right time to ask questions.

By day break, I woke up to see her sulking at the table.

I raised my brow in question and she went into a long gist and history about her boyfriend. The long and short of it was that, my friend, Kris, moved out of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend of 3 years because lately he had refused to shave and she was suffering from severe itches and rashes on her usually smooth face.

It was so funny an issue that I actually did laugh. But then I tucked the matter somewhere in my head to review it sometime and that’s what we are doing today.

Dear guys, your ladies want to be able to kiss you and hug you without fearing that our faces will be filled with rashes. Aside from the ‘girl factor’, it really isn’t so nice to see you carrying a rough and unshaven face. Okay, we have to admit that sometimes it is sexy, but this is only when it is neat. Like this:


So if you can help, which you can, please try shaving for us,eh? Plus there are lots of facial creams in the market that would help smoothen that roughness and remove burns and little rashes that appear on your beard. Actually a survey says that 56% of ladies/women, actually do like and prefer clean shaven men.


Do us a favour and do yourself a world of good by getting a clean shave today and always…. We can’t have our men looking like shit bags now, can we?



Photo credit: Tonton Raymond


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