Poetry by Hauwa

to the light that left before dawn:

i am thinking of you, wondering

why chicks break away from eggs,

and wander far

into blind roads

leaving shells discarded and crushed

to blend eternally with earth

the landmarks

that define the city of loss?

the hills, and slopes,

and curves,

they reveal themselves day after day

to me, in acuity

making, first, a tourist of me, then

inhabitant, and finally scar

c(utt/)alling me deeper, as they lead me

to ditch where parts of me have slipped into

there is the slope that leads to a spring

another leads to the ditch above mentioned

another leads infinitely

there is the curve that ends in the groin of a wall

there are others that empty into dark corners

where demons prowl

i know the smell of death

knew it the day you left

have known it since the day you left

i carry it in my eyes

and heart

as it shrinks me into the distance

between voice and self


i know the landmarks that define the city of loss


hauwa xx  Hauwa writes poetry, prose and a bit of essays. Her work has appeared on Expound magazine, The Kalahari Review,Afridiaspora, Brittlepaper and elsewhere. She enjoys reading John Green and staring at lovely eyes .


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