Imo State University Students Refuse to resume 2016/2017 second semester

The students of Imo state university, have taken strong grounds against the resumption date announced by the school authorities for the 2016/2017 second semester session. The official resumption date, 18th April 2017 which is long overdue, is overlooked and not adhered to by the students on the grounds that having spent a large amount of time in school for the first semester, there is need to have a proper/long break so as to cool off and be with family and friends for a tangible amount of time before returning back.
Reports have it that the school and several popular buildings such as; Love Garden, New and Old Education Trust Fund Building, New Bookshop building and The Faculty of Humanity Block among others are free from students and all forms of activities.
However, the students are urged to resume, not only by the Student Union Government but by other bodies, so that the semester can kick off and planned activities which includes, 8th convocation ceremony, award/fresher’s night, Audition and lots of other extra-curricular could start in earnest so as to avoid distraction from studies.

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