CEDARS, a non-denominational Christian group of young talented and creative individuals held their second edition of CEDARS live-in concert on the 13th of May 2017, at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Ekpo Ref Convocation Arena. This edition, was also an award night. According to the founder, Egwu Nnanna Echem it was planned ‘with the aim of encouraging excellence and rewarding steadfastness.’

The event which featured performances from the CEDARS entertainment sector to invited artistes/guests ranged from drama, dance, spoken word, poetry, music and also comedy. All of which were packed with the presence of God to minister to all who were present.

The event was not only power filled, it was also entertaining with presentation from CEDARS crew which comprised of dance, music and spoken word, FECA dance crew, Adaobi, vcTruth, Ama Udofa, the energetic Encounter crew, Mac Donal who brought down the presence of God, Dynamic Uju who was indeed dynamic, Dr Break from the ilightsup crew who came all the way from Owerri, Mc No wahala among others.

Taking home honorary awards were – Pastor Peter of Ideal Life churchwho got the Call tomorrow honorary award and Clarkson Ikwunze  who got the Taking over honorary award. Both awardees were applauded for their mentor-ship and support to young gospel artists and Christians. Winners of various nominations are as follows:

Spoken word artist of the future – vcTruth

RAP artist of the year – VJosh

Vocalist of the den – Push Omotueme

Best drama group – CASOR Holy ghost ultimate theatre

Best dance group – CASOR Expression

Best poetry organization – The Christ -D- Poet Event of the year


Speaking to guests, Blue Parrot was able to deduce that the event was indeed a huge success and an exceptional one as most people were unable to hid their astonishment and joy at the level of excitement and fun they got from a gospel themed programme.







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