Style Dress with Kahlan- Queen

Hello people! today, I am here with a new style dress. From the desk of out talented designer comes this banger;Crop top and Palazzo pants. The look is Epic. And it is just right for everything and everywhere. Do you want to go casual?  Simple! Rock it with a fancy slippers. You want to go … Continue reading Style Dress with Kahlan- Queen


Photography with Bura-Bari Nwilo

Today, we are looking at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka through the lenses of Bura-Bari Nwilo. He takes us  on a tour, through structures, paths and trees, guiding us with his memory and interpretation of what  captured moments means to him. Enjoy... (black and white) – Odim Road by The Faculty of Engineering. This road … Continue reading Photography with Bura-Bari Nwilo

The Big Bold and Beautiful Kahlan-Queen.

   Good evening fashion lovers. I am super excited today because I have answers to some questions y'all have been asking via my social media and emails. (If you don't know my email, it is feel free to forward your questions and comments there). A lot of people keep asking me what kind of … Continue reading The Big Bold and Beautiful Kahlan-Queen.

Off Shoulders by Kahlan-Queen.

Okay,Okay, Okay.... The fashion and beauty station of Blue Parrot has just got to talk about this hot new and trending fashion style. It screams chic! Class! Slayness! Graaaaand! I'm talking about- wait for it - The off shoulder tops and gowns! This new trend is literally steaming hot and you don't need to look … Continue reading Off Shoulders by Kahlan-Queen.

Flashback to an unfortunate incident at NSUK By Ofim Kelechi Ofim.

(WARNING PICTURES CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT THAT CAN SHOCK AND UPSET YOU) The day bullets rained on us- 25/02/2013 °SUG, yet to be reconstituted 4 years after ban °Immortalise Aminu and Emmanuel Exactly 4 years today, the gates of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, were swarming with battalions of military detachment from the 177 Brigade sent by … Continue reading Flashback to an unfortunate incident at NSUK By Ofim Kelechi Ofim.

A look at OAU from the lenses of Victor Adewale

Victor Adewale is a documentary photographer. His passions are Music, Poetry, Art and Photography, which is what we are exploring today as he takes us around the beauty of OAU. Asking him why he loves photography, he replies thus; 'There is a kind of spiritual connection between me and the images I capture. They remind … Continue reading A look at OAU from the lenses of Victor Adewale